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 The aim of MAITS is to facilitate development through capacity-building amongst professionals or carers working in the disability and mental health sectors in low-resource countries. This is achieved through enabling skill and information sharing  via our website and through face-to-face trainings.

MAITS developed in response to requests from UK healthcare and education professionals to share up-to-date knowledge and skills with practitioners working in the disability sector who had limited access to training. We have since broadened out to include mental health and are keen to support people to share skills with one another, wherever they are based. We have more than 200 UK professionals on our register of trainers, however we also have some experts from India who provide regular training with MAITS and we would like to invite more people from low-to-middle income countries to sign up with us.

MAITS was registered as a charity in 2008 and since then has supported disability organisations in over 17 countries. MAITS is funded by the Rangoonwala Foundation.

Our principles:

  • To facilitate training and support to organisations and individuals with limited access to up-to-date training and resources, using sustainable and appropriate approaches with measurable outcomes.
  • To encourage long-term relationships between trainers and organisations.
  • To encourage partnership and collaboration, and a responsiveness to the requirements of each setting.
  • To support local organisations and professionals to meet training needs where possible.
  • To encourage multidisciplinary input where possible and appropriate.
  • To reach as many people as possible by bringing organisations together and encouraging the cascading of knowledge to others.

How we build capacity:

MAITS has an ongoing programme of resource development, designing tools that assist in the support and inclusion of individuals with particular needs, whether it be at home, school or elsewhere in the community, in low-resource settings. These are available via the Resources page on the website.

We facilitate skill-sharing amongst professionals by advertising requests for training as well as training events, building a library of training materials which is freely available, providing an online  discussion forum and offering assistance with travel costs. We offer grants to enable experts to provide training and for people seeking support to attend training.

Training that MAITS has organised to date has involved upskilling generic workers, providing CPD courses for allied healthcare professionals and teachers, and teaching on undergraduate programmes.

Support for trainers:

Trainers who are travelling from high to low income countries can access additional information that may help them to plan their trip. This also includes some guidelines on professional indemnity insurance, advice on keeping safe and well whilst overseas. MAITS trainers are also invited to study days where they can share their experiences and ideas with other MAITS trainers.

Monitoring and evaluation:

MAITS needs to carefully monitor and evaluate its activities and their impact. For that reason, we ask trainers to complete a report on your trip as well as a survey summarising the feedback collected from your trainees using the MAITS feedback form. Note: It is a requirement of those awarded a MAITS grant to provide training, to submit this information before being receiving their grant.

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