MAITS offers grants of varying amounts. For regional travel they may be up to £250. For travel to Asia or Africa from Europe, they may be up to £500 and £750 respectively. The exact amount awarded depends on many factors, including estimated overall costs of trip, projected impact of training, relevant experience and expertise of trainer, number of people of the same profession applying at once, length of trip, and number of grants already awarded to the applicant or the organisation receiving training.

To provide training:

Grants are available to assist with travel and accommodation costs involved in trainers visiting an organisation. Grant applications can be completed by the trainer themselves or the host organisation, depending on who will be claiming back the expenses afterwards. Applications are assessed according to level of experience (minimum of 4 years post-qualification)  and overseas experience. We require trainers to be fully approved MAITS trainers before they are eligible for a grant. To apply for this, please register and complete your profile on the website. Once approved you can apply by completing  the grant to provide training application form. For professionals who have more recently qualified or do not have international experience but who are keen to join experienced trainers, we do award some small grants (see Apprentice Trainer grant scheme below).

Grants are paid once the training has been completed and the required paperwork submitted, including your report and expenses claim form with receipts.

Apprentice Trainer grant scheme: MAITS is committed to supporting people to gain international work experience. We therefore invite individuals to join more experienced overseas trainers on MAITS funded trips. If you have colleagues arranging such a visit or have answered an advert from our website to join a team for which you have been selected, you can apply for a small grant (up to £250) by completing the relevant application form for apprentice trainer.

To attend training:

These are aimed at supporting people from low and middle income countries either to attend training involving MAITS trainers. Senior staff receiving a grant will be obliged to provide subsequent training on behalf of MAITS.  You will need to complete an application form for a grant to attend training. Grants are paid once the training has been completed and the required paperwork submitted, including feedback form, your report and expenses claim form with receipts.

MAITS expects all grant recipients to acknowledge MAITS’ contribution when reporting to others on the training given/ received.