Breastfeeding in Blantyre

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During this follow-up visit to Malawi, Himali de Silva and Maya Asir focused on both formal and practical training on the management of feeding difficulties in infants, for selected nurses at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre. The aim of this training was to provide in depth knowledge and skills in the assessment and management of infants with feeding difficulties, with a special focus on identifying children who were at risk of dysphagia.

The project was very successful please see a summary of there report below.


Projects in the Pipeline

MAITS has a number of grant awarded projects in the pipeline and we wanted to give you a short run-down on each:


Music as Therapy are coordinating, hosting and presenting at a conference whose aim is to further the local development of music therapy in Romania, where it is currently an emerging practice. MAITS is providing grants to cover travel and accommodation for the Music as Therapy team of trainers.


MAITS has awarded two Kenyan clinicians with grants so that they can come to the UK and take part in a training on the construction and use of Appropriate Paper-Based Technology (APT) hosted by Cerebral Palsy Africa.

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Fondazione Fontana

The Cardboard Chair wins prestigious award at Cannes at the 7th International Festival ‘Entr’2 Marches’, 2016. This beautiful documentary shows how an APT seat makes all the difference to the life of a child in Kenya.

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