Help Age Tanzania Project

Help Age has a project in Tanzania – and are looking for therapists to work there – either national or regional with CBR experience – to build up a CBR programme with other organisations, involving training incentive workers. There is not fixed plan yet as they are waiting for funding – but they are trying to see what resources are available in the region to prepare – if the funding is approved.

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Help Age looking for OT’s & PT’s

Diana Hiscock of Help Age is looking for contacts in 2 countries or regions to support Help Age projects in their work.

Help Age International is working in Ukraine – and  trying to find OT’s or PT’s to provide support there.

They have tried to contact the Ukrainian Physiotherapy association without luck – so now looking for links and previous experience in this region. They are planning to bring in therapists to support the programme – Russian language is important here and work alongside national therapists to provide services for the elderly. The complications of NCD’s is immense plus the consequence of isolation and family breakdown further increasing the level of vulnerability of older people.

So would you have any suggestions here please?

  1. An expat therapist – preferably Russian speaker
  2.  A national therapist – working in country if possibly or to return

Please contact Diana if you have any links or suggestions at