Dear Sir/Madam

I am glad to inform you that Vali-Asr Rehabilitation Foundation (VRF) is one of the biggest registered NGO in Iran active in providing rehabilitation services for disabled children for more than 26 years.

In each year more than 4000 disabled children are benefited of rehabilitation services provided by 8 related centers. During these years for improving rehabilitation services conducted different training courses for about 200 professionals (Occupational therapist, Physical therapist,Speech therapist, Psychologist, and …) who are working with us mostly with the collaboration of well- known European and other universities such as UCL of UK, Toronto, Bobat training center, Peto Conductive Education Institute in Hungary. Also as a ECOSOC collaborative center for a couple of years.

By providing training packages for disabled children and their families, mostly for under 7 years old and which is also used as a training resources in related rehabilitation centers in my country. We are interested to develop training courses for our specialist mostly working with disabled children and families . So we will appreciate to be benefited of your coopration  in providing training courses for our specialists team and related families.

Many thanks for your kind cooperation.

With best regards

Majid Mirkhani

Managing Director