The Director will be responsible for developing policies and procedural guidelines and its dissemination, anticipate and address critical issues, and proactively develop contingency plans, ensure Centre operates at the highest levels through scorecard metrics. The Director must be a Behavioural Psychologist with significant experience in leading and operating reputed neurobehavioral or autism centres.

Hours: 40 hours per week, with 30 days of paid leave per annum.

Compensation: Negotiable and in line with global standards. Details can be provided upon request

Relevant requisites for the position:

  • Behavioural Psychologist with minimum of 12 -15+ years of relevant experience specialising in cognitive behavioural modification in children and having prior supervisory experience. Interest and aptitude for supervising, coaching and developing staff.
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • Must be able to provide therapy as appropriate with children of the relevant age group.
  • Available to respond to employee and clinical needs as required.

Please contact Uma Aysola at to apply or attain further information.