• I kindly request for training in mental health and learning disabilities for volunteer mentors and advocates for school going pupils and students in East Africa. I am currently working as the Chairperson for a charity organisation called BIDEV (Bubulo Innitiative for Development) which was founded in a place called Bubulo, in Manafwa District in Eastern Uganda. The organisation works directly with youth from highly deprived backgrounds, 40% of whom have mental health and learning disabilities. The organisation works in partnership with various organisation around the country as well as across the boarders in Kenya, and Rwanda.

Training the volunteers who support these youth on a daily basis would be of great benefit to the whole East African region as it would improve the  relationships between the volunteers and the youth. Also it would greatly enable the youth who are affected by mental health and learning disabilities to attain their potential leading to better livelihoods and societies, whilst mitigating the barries caused by stigma.