In Sept this year (2016) Physiopedia, in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC),  will be running a free open online course (MOOC) on Cerebral Palsy.  The 6 week course (~ 24 hours) aims to give a basic theoretical understanding of CP and the management of children with CP, it does not teach practical skills rather advicing participants to follow up with a local practical skills course. It will follow the model of two previous MOOCs on amputees and SCI that have been hugely successful, these courses had 3000 and 5000 participants respectively from over 100 countries.   Currently we are in the process of completing the course outline and gathering resources to use for the learning activities.  You can see the course (in development) here -

Physiopedia is reaching out to engage topic specialists who might be interested in getting involved in the course.  We would really appreciate some assistance with informally reviewing the course (once it is ready), directing us at resources/evidence that we might use and spreading the word to engage as many participants as we can. We would be delighted if you would like to get involved.

Please contact Rachael Lowe, Founding Director, for more information: