Required to provide, on behalf of Shakuntala trust, early intervention for children in the early years with developmental difficulties within a multi-disciplinary team in the In-Sync Centre for Child Development. Hyderabad India.

The OT is expected

  1. To provide specialist support to children with developmental difficulties in acquiring physical, communication, play, social, emotional, cognitive, self-help and independence skills.
  2. To work collaboratively with parents/carers and educational setting staff in maximizing inclusion and participation.
  3. To be part of the child development team and to ensure that the quality and delivery of the day to day work is consistently maintained in accordance with relevant service plans.
  4. To be able to be a part of a developing service grounded in evidence base and follow and deliver program based on wide interaction with communities of professionals and parents.
  5. To be able to follow the best practices based on research to evolve and offer an array of individual and group therapy programs with prioritized child needs.
  6. To be passionate, self-motivated, and enthusiastic to be a part of the first cohort of “In-Sync Centre for Child Development” and be the part of development of India’s first of its kind model of pediatric intervention.

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