MAITS is looking for a senior Speech and Language Therapist with specialist skills in working with children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. The aim of this assignment is to contribute to the design and delivery of a training programme for rehabilitation workers in Jamaica and to introduce the MAITS Guide for Community Health Workers. The trip will take place 12th-25th October 2016.

Your role will be to write the SLT specific aspects of the training package, deliver short class-based sessions on a communication and feeding and then to supervise hands-on support to the trainees during the day. You will also be involved in the evaluation of the training programme as well as the MAITS Guide. You will join a team of trainers including the head of the local organisation, an Occupational Therapist who has been involved in developing the training programme, and a project coordinator. You will be required to return again next year (July) for a similar period of time. This assignment is fully-funded.