Campaign for Children with Learning Disabilities (CLED) is a Ghanaian
Nonprofit and Non-Governmental Organization working to improve the
life and access to education for children with Learning Disabilities.
CLED offers training and handbooks to pre-service teachers, public
basic school teachers and parents on how to identify and manage
children with learning disabilities. Secondly, (CLED) advocates and
creates awareness through media, faith-based organizations and
community campaigns on children with learning disabilities, inclusive
education and their rights.
Besides, CLED runs a remedial center for children with learning
disabilities. CLED also recruit, orientate and place local or
international volunteers/interns with local schools to work alongside
and shadow teachers, do co-teaching, offer in class teacher support
and individualized support for children with learning disabilities or
attention issues.

We volunteers to help in one or two of the following:
•       Working alongside regular school teachers in doing task like co-teaching and demonstration teaching to improve their skills for teaching children with learning disabilities or attention issues in inclusive settings
•       training teachers in designing and developing teaching learning materials to help improve pupils learning outcome for learners with learning disabilities
•       Assist in school or cluster-based in service training workshops for teachers on learning disabilities and inclusive education
•       Assist in developing and designing guidebooks on learning
disabilities, management strategies and inclusive education for
teachers and parents
•       Assist in research activities