Caring for Children with developmental disabilities: A Guide for Parents And Working with Children with developmental disabilities: A Training Programme

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The MAITS Guide for Parents was initiated at the request of our Indian partners, Sangath. The resource provides advice for community workers supporting families of children with neurodisability (cerebral palsy, intellectual disability and/or autism). It was developed using peer reviewed contributions from a range of experienced healthcare and education professionals from the UK, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The manual focuses on promoting functional everyday living skills, rather than impairment-based interventions, supporting the carers, the child and family to maximise the child’s health, independence and social participation.

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Background Information

Part 3: Supporting the Child through ADL  – Cerebral Palsy

Part 3: Supporting the Child through ADL – Intellectual Disability & Autism

Part 4: Appendices (Inc. Orientation to the Guide for Parents)

Cerebral Palsy Nepal have translated the Guide  into Nepali. If you would like a copy of this version, please get in touch with Mr Bimal Shrestha at

Working with Children with Developmental Disabilities is a 7-8 day training programme equipping workers who have little or no knowledge of
developmental disability to provide basic guidance to families, using the MAITS Parent Guide.
The course aims to provide trainees with:
1. An overview of childhood disabilities and their causes and impact
2. An understanding of how to use daily activities to promote health, development and wellbeing
3. The skills to be able to use the MAITS Guide for Parents and work effectively and respectfully
with children with disabilities and their caregivers