Our new CEO

MAITS is pleased to announce that we have recruited our new CEO, Esther Hamilton.


Esther has a background of almost 20 years in the non-profit sector, including in post war Kosovo and the UK, working in a range of charities including those focused on children, women and health and also leading a network of Sure Start Children’s Centres, with health and education programmes for families with children aged 0-5.  She holds an MSc in Global Development Management and has also delivered training for families with children with ADHD and is fluent in French, Spanish and Albanian. Her experience focuses on international development and particularly working for children and on gender issues, focusing on rights based justice and inclusion.

The Chair and the Trustees said “We are excited to welcome Esther as the new CEO for MAITS.  This is the beginning of a new chapter for MAITS and we look forward to developing and expanding our operations.”

Esther said “I am really delighted to join MAITS as the new CEO.  MAITS has achieved so much already working with volunteers and a dedicated staff team.”

We have asked Esther a few questions to help all our partners, volunteers and others get to know her:

1. What particularly interested you in this role?

The role in MAITS really spoke to me, because I am blessed with having a close family member who has a neurodevelopmental disability and know first-hand the life-changing difference that the right support both from professionals and by enabling carers, can make to ensure that a child is given every opportunity in life.  I believe that it is society that disables and if each person is treated with the respect they deserve and receive the support they need, they are able to achieve their full potential.

The other thing that attracted me to MAITS specifically is that the capacity building and support that MAITS provides is of a high standard, using very qualified and experienced professionals to provide training and resources and it is really important that children with disabilities are able to benefit from interventions that will make a long-term, impactful difference to their condition.

2. What is your vision for MAITS in the coming year?

MAITS has achieved some amazing things in recent years, training 4000 professionals in 16 countries to date.  In the coming year, I want to build on this work and we are planning on delivering a Trainer of Trainer training course in Pakistan to build upon the work that has already been piloted with Community/Lady Health Workers and a new training manual, so that master trainers in country can roll out the training they have received, enabling sustainable capacity building of health professionals by other local professionals.

We also want to expand our work, engaging more professionals and focusing in on Asia in particular and building the skills of professionals and those supporting people with disabilities in the local community to create sustainable change.

3. Are there any messages you would like to send to our partners or those thinking of working with us, either to give or receive training?

I want to acknowledge all the work of all those who have worked with us to deliver or put the training in to practice in the field, as well as those who have contributed to resources. We are grateful for the contribution of all our volunteers and actively encourage prospective volunteers and organisations that want to give or receive training to get in touch.  We would also love to hear from professionals, local NGOs and local communities what we can do to improve the services we provide and any feedback you might have about the services we provide. For general queries, please contact us at info@maits.org.uk

Esther joined us on 2nd February as MAITS’ first Chief Executive, working alongside the existing team to build on all of MAITS’ good work to date.