Highly experienced autism teacher (placement found!)

Highly experienced Autism teacher and Assistant Head Teacher with outstanding ratings working in a specialist school in London, with international experience and an award winning social enterprise for children with autism is offering training on:

  1. Autism and aspergers
  2. Curriculum design and development for autistic students e.g social skills and life-skills curriculum.
  3. Forest School training
  4. Wellbeing programs  and leadership training.
  5. Practical strategies and plans to use with young people on the autistic spectrum.

I would be available during school holidays and interested in all countries.


Introduction to Autism

  1.  What is meant by Autism
  2. Key Theories that relate to Autism
  3. Know how autism is diagnosed
  4. Understand the characteristics that may present in individuals with Autism
  5. Conditions that commonly co-occur with autism
  6. Understand common misconception surrounding Autism