Are you a disability expert interested in sharing your skills in a developing country as a volunteer? Or are you from an organisation in a developing country which would like to receive disability training? Would you like to share skills and experience with inspiring professionals from all over the world? Then MAITS would like to hear from you!

MAITS provides small grants to enable experienced disability professionals from all over the world to share their skills with those working with and caring for those with neuro-developmental disabilities in low and middle-income countries. Both trainers and organisations receiving training can apply for small grants to cover costs that make the training possible. Our volunteer trainers come from all over the world.

What kind of grants do we provide?

We have three types of grant programme:

  1. Funding for training on MAITS’ resources

Do you want to become a trainer on MAITS’ resources? Do you want to use your skills to make a difference and ensure that people with disabilities are given every opportunity to thrive and develop?

We work with overseas organisations to develop sustainable development programmes, building the capacity of health and education services to meet the needs of people with disabilities. We focus on building the skills of local people who best understand the needs within their communities – if you have anything between 3 days to several weeks available and think you could use your skills to help others, we would love to hear from you.  You will have the opportunity to work in a different culture, meet new people and create links.  Many of our volunteers just keep coming back!

MAITS has developed four training programmes which are designed to provide sustainable solutions to unmet need. MAITS provides grants to enable training to take place. The grants can include travel and accommodation as well as grants to training recipients, which could include things such as travel, printing costs, light refreshments. To apply for a grant to provide training, please fill in the MAITS Grant to provide training application form and submit to

Our training programmes are on:

Infant feeding difficulties (click here)

Child feeding difficulties [There is no link, resources say we do not have permission for this to be open source, however, if you would like free access to the materials, please make a request directly to]

Community Health Worker training [There is no link, resources say we do not have permission for this to be open source, however, if you would like free access to the materials, please make a request directly to]

A Guide for Parents (click here)

Details of our training packages can be found here

Please contact us at to request copies of the training porgrammes and guides.

  1. Grants to enable non-MAITS’ disability training

We also provide grants for delivering disability training which was not specifically developed by MAITS. We have a matching service for organisations looking for training and professionals able to provide training on neuro-developmental disability in a voluntary capacity. Organisations can request training in a specific area of therapy or education and MAITS can match them with suitable trainers and both trainers and trainees are eligible to apply for grants to enable the training to happen.

If you are a volunteer trainer who has already identified an overseas organisation in a developing country which wants training, you can also apply for grant funding. This could cover travel, food, training materials etc.

What does MAITS offer?

MAITS offers small grants to enable training to take place.

For volunteer trainers, we offer grants of between £500 – £1000. The exact amount awarded depends on many factors, including the overall cost of the trip, the expected impact of the training, the trainer’s level of experience, the number of people of the same profession applying at once and the length of the trip.

Basic requirements for a training grant

  • To be considered for a small grant as a volunteer trainer you must be a qualified disability specialist, such as a physiotherapist, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, community paediatrician, special educator/teacher or similar.
  • You must have at least four years post-qualification experience
  • You must have experience either working or volunteering overseas in a developing country
  • You must be willing to undergo a DBS or police check to ascertain that you do not have any convictions that would prevent you from working with children and vulnerable adults. Please click here for more details on MAITS safeguarding policy.
  • All trainers must be approved and should agree to comply with MAITS’ code of conduct and terms and conditions, which also include providing a written trip report as per MAITS requirements. Please click here for full details.

Basic requirements for organisations who want to receive training?

  • We work with a variety of organisations as long as they are based in low or middle-income countries and support people with developmental disabilities. Examples of the type of organisations we have supported include universities, schools, hospitals, healthcare providers, charities and NGOs.
  • You need to sign up to MAITS’ code of conduct and be able to provide your organisation’s safeguarding policies.
  • You need to provide a key contact person for the assigned volunteer trainer, so they have a local contact in case of emergency.

To apply for a grant to provide training, please fill in the application form and submit to

  1. Grants to attend training

These grants are aimed at supporting people from low and middle-income countries to enable you to attend training involving MAITS trainers. This could include such things as transport costs, accommodation and subsistence. Senior staff receiving a grant will be obliged to provide subsequent training on behalf of MAITS.  You will need to complete an application form for a grant to attend training. Grants are paid once the training has been completed and the required paperwork submitted, including feedback form, your report and expenses claim form with receipts which can all be found here:

Apprentice Trainer grant scheme

MAITS is committed to supporting people to gain international work experience. We therefore invite individuals to join more experienced overseas trainers on MAITS funded trips. If you have colleagues arranging such a visit or have answered an advert from our website to join a team for which you have been selected, you can apply for a small grant (up to £250) by completing the relevant application form for apprentice trainer.

How can you apply?

For first time applicants, you will need to register here If you wish to talk to someone first before applying, you can contact us on or by calling +4420 7 258 8443.

If you have previously registered with MAITS then please directly proceed with filing the grant application form.

MAITS expects all grant recipients to acknowledge MAITS’ contribution when reporting to others on the training given/received and organisations should provide information about the training, acknowledging MAITS on their website.